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My artwork are based on human stories and memories. Memories that are clear and alive in this very moment. Or in a busy day, has come to rest among other memories in the human unconscious.


The beholder can be confronted with his own memories - and experience an emotional identification with the work. The work function as a mirror, a reflector that reflects the light.


In today's centrifugal development, where everything is changing at lightning speed, man often drives with the flow, with his attention directed to the future. But the past is important.


I understand the past as binary. As the geological layers deposited by earlier peoples, and deposits of memories in the human mind. The new layer on top - the oldest layers far below the surface. Physical and mental deposits as a starting block in a 100 m race act as human starting block in life.


The past is a life-anchor. An anchor that gives man security - not to drive out to sea and losing control. But at the same time an anchor that can prevent the human from developing. Prevent the individual from changing unsatisfactory situations, lose control and see the opportunities which lie ahead.


The past brings meaning into the present. We must know the past. Learn from it. Confront it.  And visualize the starting block in our lives. Leap off from the starting block and choosing path of life.

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